17 September, 2017

Build a snowgirl

It's time to start on the winter-themed stitching!

10 September, 2017

Christmas wreath

Get ready for christmas!

09 September, 2017


This is post 301 on this blog! Wow!
I've had some breaks but the good news is that I have a lot of patterns queued up for the future now. I'm not working actively on the blog right now but it's managing itself. ^_^
I hope you'll enjoy the coming patterns!

03 September, 2017

Cute Bullterrier

This is one of my favourite dogs, a bullterrier!

27 August, 2017

Halloween Pumpkin

A cute and scary pumpkin in time for Halloween.

20 August, 2017


GIR in his dog-suit from one of my most favourite shows ever, Invader Zim!

12 August, 2017

Wedding rings!

Me and my partner are getting married today and for you I have some really cute heart rings to embroider. Enjoy!